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Frequently Asked Questions


I would like to order a portrait. What to do?


Contact me and tell me about your ideas. You could figure out the following:

·     what would you like me to draw

·     have you chosen any photos

·     what kind of medium are you interested in

·     what size would you like

·     when will you be needing the drawing

And we’ll go from there. I will answer e-mails within 1-2 days


OR contact me through my Etsy shop.



How do I contact you?


Email me at or write me via webpage.


What kind of mediums do you offer?


I specialize in black and white pencil drawings, colored pastel drawings and pastel paintings. I also work in pen & sketchboard, but right now I am not taking commisions in those mediums.


What sizes do you offer?


Classic sizes A5, A4, A3, A2. Don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like a square or panorama type drawing.


Do you work from photos or real life?


I work from photographs. You can send me them by e-mail which is the safest way, or by mail if you have paper photos and no possibility to scan them.



What are the photograph requirements?


See the section “Choosing the photographs” on Order Info which will guide you to a best photograph for drawing. Shortly: the better the photograph, the better the drawing.


If I want more than one subject on the drawing, will it cost more?


Yes. It's +20% for extra subject and also +20% for background. 


Is it possible make a drawing from several different photos?


Yes. If you would like more than one subject on the drawing, it is possible to combine them from different photos.


How long does it take to make a drawing?


It mainly depends on the format (bigger formats take more time) and medium (colored drawing takes more time than black and white one). It also depends on what I’m drawing. For example it takes much more time to draw a black dog than a white dog, because there is more to color.

If you are wondering how long will it take to make a drawing for you, just ask and I will answer you depending on how many commissions I have at that moment (keep in mind that holidays are the busiest time + add 2 additional weeks to shipping). Make sure you have enough time before you need the drawing or I will not manage to get it done on time.



Can I see my portrait before you send it to me?


Yes. I never send out any portraits without the client seeing and approving them. I’ll send you a picture as soon as I’ve finished the drawing. Keep in mind a photo rarely does justice to the original piece.



When do I pay?


I ask 50% forepayment before I start working and 50% after I have finished the drawing. You can also order through my Etsy shop.



How can I make the payment?


You can make the payment via simple bank transfer (to Estonia) or via PayPal or pay through the Etsy shop.



How much is shipping & handling?


This depends on your location, once we determine your needs etc I can supply an estimate.



Can I order a gift voucher?


Yes. If you’re too late with your order or when you don’t have a photograph, gift vouchers are perfect for you.

I can email an E-Gift card or mail a hard copy to you or the recipient.



Can I have my drawing mounted/framed?


Yes. I have a selection of frames available at all times. Let me know if you're interested!



Will you be displaying my drawing on your website?


Yes, the majority of my work is displayed on my site, unless asked otherwise. I will not tag any photos or write out full names in description.

If you want to give the drawing as a surprise present, please let me know upon ordering so I wouldn’t upload any artwork and ruin the surprise.


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