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Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your portrait. With many years of experience, I've learned how to meet my clients requirements and wishes on a personal level, I treat each work individually and I will recommend the perfect medium and size for the best outcome for you. Suitable medium largely depends on the reference photographs so please include the photos in your message! Black and white graphite pencil portrait is a classic and suits for almost anything, especially people portraits. Pets and wildlife also look amazing in color. Pastel also has a magical background. 

A5 and A4 are ideal for single studies or small double portraits. A3 and A2 are suitable for double or group studies, but also single studies with a huge impact! Please add 15% per extra subject, for more than three subjects an individual quote will be needed. Blurry pastel backgrounds are included in the price. It's +15% if you are looking for a more complicated and detailed background/foreground.

You can make the purchase through my Etsy shop which will secure you the booking.

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I take commissions worldwide! I am based in Europe and the price list is completely in Euros. I may change the prices more than once a year, take the opportunity and order today! Don't hesitate to ask if you would like a larger or an untraditional size. I will do my best to capture your family members or memories just as you wish and I will take it as an opportunity to even exceed your expetations. :) 

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