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Want to see the creating process of a portrait? Now is your chance! Here are some of my time-lapse videos. I use GoPro Hero 4 Silver to film. I hope you enjoy what you see! There's more to come soon so stay tuned folks! Also, please feel free to take a look at my youtube channel and subscribe to be updated with my latest videos right away!

The making of: MEEKA

Drawing Meeka the Siberian Husky in colored pencils. 

The making of: ELZA

Drawing Elza the American Staffordshire Terrier with graphite pencils. 

The making of: NENA, IPANEMA & MIMMI

Drawing three boxers - Nena, Ipanema and Mimmi in graphite pencil. 

The making of: MILLIE & HOLLY

Drawing Millie & Holly the Jack Russell Terriers in colored pencil.

The making of: COCO

Drawing Coco the Yorkshire Terrier in graphite pencil.

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